Terms & Conditions (Workshop)

1/ Appointments

1.1  Appointments / consultations to discuss work to your van are free. However, should the number of meetings exceed what is deemed to be reasonable, we reserve the right to make a charge for our time and expertise. We will advise you in advance should we deem it necessary to make a charge, and the reason for this.

1.2  Whilst we try to accommodate all customer walk-ins, please be advised that the only way to guarantee an appointment is to book prior to your arrival. If you are travelling a long way to see us please book in advance so that we can ensure the correct team member is free to meet with you so that you are not disappointed.

1.3  If you are delayed whilst travelling to CJL, please advise us by calling 01934 511113 at your earliest convenience.

1.4  If you wish to see your van whilst it is in our workshop, please make an appointment. This is to ensure your safety in our workshop, as well as allowing us to have staff available to you. (Our workshops are ‘authorized personnel entry’ only. Please note entry is at your own risk and we cannot be held liable for any injury caused.) We aim to keep any visits to a minimum so as not to disrupt the production flow.

1.5  Sales rep visits strictly by appointment only.

2/ Quotations

2.1  We will provide a no-obligation quote for work, and a maximum of five revisions of this quote at no cost to you.

2.2  Quotes are valid for 14 days from the date shown on the quote. Please ensure any work booked is within 14 days of a supplied quote, or apply for an updated quote should the date of booking fall outside of this timeframe. We reserve the right to charge updated prices should your quote be over 14 days old at time of booking your vehicle into our workshop.

2.3  CJL reserves the right to increase a quoted fee after work has begun in the event that the client requests a variation to the work quoted – which requires different or additional labour or parts.

2.5  CJL can supply a bespoke interior render showing colour schemes on request. Further renders and an interior design service on features such as upholstery is available at a charged rate. (During your appointment/s all interior colour swatches and our back catalogue of van pictures will be able for you to look at and choose from. Most clients choose a colour scheme without the use of renders, by viewing our image library, vans and swatches.)

2.6  Once a quote is accepted you will be sent a detailed specification sheet for all full conversions. Please check that all details on the specification are correct. Your deposit payment will confirm that you have agreed the specification.

2.7  If changes are requested after you have agreed the specification, we will do our best to implement these changes, however please be mindful that some additional costs may be unavoidable. Any additional costs will be fully itemized.

2.8  If the work to your van falls outside a ‘conversion’, then a detailed quote will be supplied in place of a full conversion specification sheet.

3/ Payment

3.1  Our preferred payment method is BACS, although debit card payments are also accepted up to a maximum payment amount of £3,000, unless by prior agreement. Credit card payments are accepted up to a maximum amount of £1,000. (This is due to fees imposed by the bank to process card payments. We do not wish to inflate our pricing to cover these charges.)

Please be advised we cannot accept American Express cards.

When paying by BACS please use your quote or invoice number, or full name as the payment reference.

3.2  Upgrade work and van conversion only – payment terms

A 50% deposit of the total quote amount is required at the point we book your vehicle into our workshop calendar. (This is due to the fact that we need to order in items required for work to your van, many of which may be specific to your van. Having all the required parts in stock prior to your build slot means that we are able to complete work on your van as quickly as possible. We have also booked the time slot for your vehicle and may be unable to fill this slot at short notice if you pull out.)

The 50% balance payment is due on completion of work to your van. You are more than welcome to see your vehicle fully converted before making the final 50% payment. However, all remaining funds need to have cleared with CJL prior to your vehicle leaving our premises at the agreed collection date and time.

3.3 Base van (VW factory order) and van conversion – payment terms

If you are ordering a base van through us we will require a £3,000 deposit against the vehicle when you place your order with us for the van. This deposit is non refundable. We will then require 50% of the balance (base van and conversion cost) 12 weeks prior to your conversion build slot to procure all the parts specific to your build. A further 25% is due when your van hits our production line and the final 25% 2-4 weeks later when your vehicle is ready for collection. You are more than welcome to see your vehicle fully converted before making the final payment which we request is within 7 days of van completion.

3.4  If you do not collect your van in person you will be deemed be happy and have accepted the work when the vehicle leaves our premises with the driver. We offer video calls for you to be able to view the conversion.

3.5  The balance payment will need to have cleared prior to your van leaving our workshop.

3.6  Cancellation of the order by the client after the deposit has been paid, will only be accepted on condition that any costs, charges and expenses already incurred, including any charges that will be levied by a sub-contractor on account of their expenses, work or cancellation conditions will be reimbursed to CJL forthwith.

3.7  Should you choose to cancel after making your deposit payment there is a cancellation fee of £500 to cover our admin time in addition to 3.6 above. You will be able to collect any items specifically purchased for work on your build and the balance of the deposit will be refunded to you as soon as is practicable.

3.8  Should you choose to make a booking well in advance, a fully refundable £500 booking deposit will hold your booking slot until 12 weeks prior to build date when 50% of the quote (-£500 booking deposit) becomes due.

3.9  Should you choose to make payment from an international bank account your payment must cover any bank transfer charges in addition to the full invoiced amount.

4/ Your Vehicle

4.1  Please ensure your vehicle arrives in a clean condition for any scheduled work.

4.2  Please remove all your personal belongings. We cannot be held responsible for the safekeeping of any personal items left in your vehicle.

4.3  Vehicles with us for full conversions will have a full valet – inside and out – prior to collection. Vehicles with us for other work such as upgrade jobs, styling or repairs can be interior valeted at cost. Please ask us for pricing of interior valet options and exterior detailing and coatings.

4.5  Please bring your van to us with as little fuel in the tank as possible. This is especially required if you have specified installation of a heater or you are having Kombi or Caravelle seating removed or installed. For health and safety reasons, due to the fact that the fuel tank has to be removed from the vehicle chassis, the weight cannot exceed the recommended guidelines. If the vehicle’s tank is too heavy as a consequence of high fuel levels, the tank will have to be drained to achieve a manageable removal weight.

4.6  Ensure that that your locking wheel nut and radio code is given to the team ahead of any scheduled alloy wheel or audio upgrades, respectively.

4.7  If work to your van requires paint shop and CJL cannot see your van prior to its arrival for work, please ensure you supply the correct paint code to the required timeframe. Your vehicle’s paint codes can normally be found on a sticker on the driver’s seat base (VWT5) or under the steering wheel (VWT6). Failure to supply a paint code might result in a delay to your scheduled collection date. Supply of an incorrect paint code may incur additional costs.

4.8  Please notify us prior to us quoting if your vehicle is not RHD.

4.9  It is your duty to ensure that your vehicle is delivered to us at the booking time agreed. Please be advised that if your van is delivered to us late we may be unable to complete to the quoted time. We will advise you if this is the case.

4.9i It is your duty to collect your vehicle as soon as possible after we confirm that it is ready for collection. Should you be unable to collect within a week of being informed the vehicle is ready we reserve the right to charge you storage. Please be aware we may need to store your van off site at your own risk.

4.9ii Should you drop your van at our site unscheduled and without dropping keys to the vehicle we reserve the right to have the vehicle removed. This is due to congestion on our site caused by excess vehicles.

4.9iii We reserve the right to use images of your van and work to your van in our marketing campaigns. If you would rather that no images of your vehicle appeared in our various online streams and campaigns please confirm this to us in writing prior to your vehicle arriving with us.

5/ Work

5.1  We will endeavour to carry out all work to the estimated quoted timeframe.

5.2  Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, or delayed arrival of parts, we may need to extend the period that your vehicle is in our workshop. We reserve the right to retain your vehicle for this additional time to ensure the works are completed safely. We will aim to keep you notified of any delay in completion of work and take all reasonable steps to catch the work up. We cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to such delays. We would strongly advise you do not book ferries or holidays / campsites too close to your expected vehicle delivery date until you have had confirmation of the date that your vehicle will be ready. We cannot be held accountable for any costs incurred should you not follow this advice.

5.3  Please advise us if you want any parts that come off your vehicle retained and returned to you, prior to work commencing on your van. (Please note that we retain factory wheels taken off vans having full conversions with us. This is costed into the full conversion price).

5.4  If you are unable to take the parts with you when you collect your vehicle, you have 7 days to collect any parts that have come off your vehicle following the date your van leaves our workshop. As we are unable to store parts indefinitely, we will dispose of any parts after this 7-day period unless a storage agreement is in place.

5.5  If  you are due to return to collect parts please  let us know in good time when you will be returning.  This is due to the fact that we may need to store some items on pallets away from our main workshop. If you arrive without advising us of your intent to collect, we may be unable to facilitate you.

5.5   Should work to your vehicle require that wheels be removed, worked on or replaced, please be advised it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the wheels are retorqued after 50 – 100 miles. CJL will place a reminder card in your vehicle should you need to have this done. If you are able to bring the vehicle back to CJL, we are able to offer this service at no extra cost. CJL can accept no responsibility for damage caused should the owner fail to get their wheels retorqued and has no further obligation to remind the owner other than when the vehicle leaves CJL’s premises. Please do not underestimate the importance of retorquing.

5.6 CJL Leisure Vehicles Ltd reserves the right to alter specifications of layouts and prices as market and supply conditions demand.

6/ Damage and Loss

6.1  Your vehicle will be checked in on arrival with us following an extensive check-in sheet, which you will be asked to sign.

6.2  Should you choose to drop your vehicle after hours or leave prior to the completion of the check-in procedure, you will be deemed have accepted the condition we find your vehicle to be in at check-in and we will sign the check-in sheet on your behalf to this effect.

6.3  Any exterior damage incurred by us whilst your vehicle is in our workshop will be put right at our cost.

6.4  Any parts due for customer collection that are stored with us will be stored at your own risk. We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to stored parts.

6.5  We cannot be held responsible for any damage to, or loss of, personal items left in your vehicle. If the items are in the way of works, we will box up the items and return them to you when you collect your vehicle. We will not attempt to replace the items in your vehicle. We would encourage you to remove all personal items from your van prior to leaving it with us.

6.6 We cannot be held responsible for any damages or breakages to the interior of your vehicle if you have asked us to work on it, as we do not know the current condition of the vehicle’s interior.

7/ Insurance

7.1  Whilst your vehicle is with us it will be fully insured on our Motor Trade Insurance Policy. Unless otherwise agreed, your vehicle will be locked in our secure workshop overnight.

7.2  It is your duty to advise us of the value of your vehicle so that our Insurance Policy can be updated accordingly. If you do not advise the vehicle’s correct value by the date you drop your vehicle off, we will estimate a market value to the best of our knowledge. We cannot be held responsible if this is not in line with your or market valuation

7.3  Vehicles being dropped off outside hours or prior to agreed booking slots may be left outside at your own risk and we will advise you of our key drop location. If you have agreed for your vehicle to be left outside overnight, please be advised this will be at your own risk and CJL cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage.

7.4  Please empty any personal belongings from the van. Any items left in the van are at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for anything deemed ‘missing’. Should your vehicle be a bike van / bike van conversion and be delivered to us containing high value bikes, please note that these will be need to be covered by your own insurance policy as they are deemed to be customer’s possessions and not part of the van’s market value.

7.5  It is your duty to advise us if your vehicle currently carries a SORN, or any other restrictions prior to work commencing on it at CJL.

8/ Warranty

8.1  There is a two year /24-month warranty on full camper CJL conversions from 01.01.20 to all customer-supplied vehicles. White goods and part jobs carry 12 months warranty. Parts jobs are deemed as any conversion work not listed as a full conversion on our website. Please note unreasonable usage causing damage or default is not included within this warranty. Glass is excluded from the warranty.

8.2 Should you choose to buy / order a new vehicle from CJL that is registered with Type Approval on conversion we match the mechanical warranty on the vehicle, so the CJL conversion warranty with is extended to three years / 36 months. Unreasonable usage causing damage or default is not included within this warranty. Rental vehicles are excluded from warranty. Glass is excluded from the warranty.

8.3 It is a condition of warranty that the vehicle has a habitation check every 12 months. This must be carried out by CJL  Leisure Vehicles, or  if this is not practicable, an NCC-workshop approved to carry out habitation checks.  Please ensure that you have proof of this to avoid invalidating your warranty. A habitation check ensures that your vehicle’s conversion remains safe and is a preventative check. It is also an annual condition of some insurance companies.

8.4 Transfer of warranty. Should you sell a CJL vehicle you will need to contact CJL Leisure for a ‘Transfer of Warranty’ form to transfer the remaining CJL warranty to the new buyer. Failure to do at the time of sale will invalidate your CJL warranty.

8.5 Prototype builds carry a warranty of 6 months. White goods in prototype builds carry the manufacturer’s warranty unless they have been modified.

8.6  For examination and work to be rectified under warranty, you will need to first return your vehicle to CJL Leisure Vehicles Ltd or notify us of any warranty issues. We will then advise you of a timeframe for rectification work. Should you choose to take your vehicle to a third-party without first notifying us, or giving us the chance to repair, we will be unable to cover any costs incurred.

8.7 Please be advised CJL can offer no mechanical warranty on base vehicles. We are happy to supply new vehicles or work on vehicles already belonging to the client. We are unable to supply vehicles out of VW warranty to clients, due to the possibility of mechanical failure. We are happy for you to buy and supply us with vehicles out of warranty to work on.

8.8 Any modifications to any CJL conversion work by a third party will automatically invalidate the CJL warranty unless works are carried out by a competent fitter and agreed by CJL  prior to commencement of work.

8.9  Should you wish to make a formal complaint, we ask that you do so in writing detailing your reason for complaint and all vehicle details. Complaints can be emailed to vip@cjlleisure.co.uk or sent to Complaints, CJL Leisure Vehicles, Unit 5 Wisteria Works, 2 Brimbleworth Lane, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 7XS. This will then allow us to address and deal with your complaint in a timely fashion following our complaints procedure. If you do not get a response within 7 working days and have not sent your complaint via a recorded channel, please contact us to ensure it has been received.

9 / Right To Subcontract

9.1  Unless otherwise agreed, the Company shall be entitled to sub-contract any part of the work to carefully chosen third parties. This might include – but not be limited to – paint shop, powder coat and other specialist activities.

9.2  Whilst selected on quality, we make every effort for suppliers to be local to our workshop.

9.3 Should we need to drive your vehicle to third party suppliers, trade plates will be used, consistent with our insurance policy. You will not automatically be informed if we need to drive your vehicle a short distance.

10 / Risk Of Loss

10.1  The risk of loss or damage shall pass to the client upon collection / delivery.

11/ Safety

11.1  All work at CJL is carried out to strict safety guidelines. We are NCC-approved members working in accordance with BS EN ISO.

11.2  Increasingly we are asked to ‘put right’ work by other conversion companies. Please be advised it is often difficult to quote an exact labour time on rectification work until we are in the process of rectification. Once we have started work we will need to make the vehicle safe to CJL Leisure standards.

11.3  We are able to produce a safety assessment sheet for rectification work carried out. An administration cost will apply for this work.

11.4  When you arrive at CJL, should the hazard barrier not be in place across the workshop entrance due to vehicle movement, please do not walk directly into the workshop without first checking in at reception. This is for your safety. All doors are clearly labelled for your information.

12/ Handover

12.1  All appliance information booklets will be left in your vehicle.

12.2  All relevant certificates will be left in your vehicle.

12.3  We will run through all work with you and any operational or safety procedures relevant to your conversion.

12.4  Handovers take as long as you need. Should you require further input or demonstrations please advise.

12.5  Your signature on our check out sheet affirms you are happy with the vehicle and understand how to operate the conversion features.

12.6  CJL cannot be held responsible for any damage to conversions through inability to operate or misuse. If you are not seasoned campers please advise us and we will spend extra training time with you covering things such as elevating roofs, awnings, heating, leisure batteries, gas, hook up etc.

12.7 Please be advised we are not insured to store gas so should your vehicle have cooking facilities you will need to purchase gas bottles for the gas locker. We can advise on the bottles you need to buy and direct you to an outlet located under a minute’s drive from our workshop. 

13 / Vehicle Sales

13.1  By agreement we offer a sales service for CJL-converted vehicles, advertising the vehicle across relevant platforms, for a small commission. Please contact us for full details should you wish to sell your conversion at any point and are interested in CJL advertising it or housing it at our premises to facilitate viewings.

13.2 Should CJL sell a third-party vehicle, the vehicle will deemed to be ‘sold as seen’. The agreement is between the buyer and the seller, not CJL and the new buyer. Payment will be via BACS between the new buyer and seller. Should the van need any rectification work after purchase, this is at the cost of the new buyer and CJL cannot be held responsible for anything not working on the van as it was purchased from a third party. We would encourage all new buyers to check the vehicle is fully functional prior to purchase and driving the vehicle away.

13.3 Should there be any time remaining on the 12-month CJL converison warranty – that comes as standard with every CJL conversion – the new owner will need to complete a CJL warranty transfer form to activate the remaining warranty. Warranty transfer forms are available from CJL Leisure Vehicles by emailing info@cjlleisure.co.uk or calling 01934 511113.

14/ Restricted Mobility

14.1 Please inform us should you have any mobility issues or medical conditions that limit your ability to board or use a van. Whilst we respect your right to privacy, it is essential that we understand any mobility limitations so that we can engineer or employ solutions that are fit for function. We cannot be responsible for your inability to use a completed conversion if you have not highlighted any physical limitations at the point of initial discussions or quote.

15/ Governing Law

15.1  The Agreement, incorporating these Terms and Conditions, and any matter arising from or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

16/ Further Information

16.1  If you wish to discuss our terms and conditions in more detail, please call us (during office hours) on 01934 511113.

CJL Leisure Vehicles Ltd, Unit 5 Wisteria Works, 2 Brimbleworth Lane, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 7XS
Co Reg No: 10439037
VAT Reg No: 269244576

17/ COVID / World Events Addition

17.1  Please be mindful that due to COVID and other current world events we are operating in challenging times with supply chains often backed up. Whilst we will do our best to stick to agreed quotes, build slots and conversions times please be aware that this may not be possible as we are operating in unprecedented times with regard to supply chains. We will complete work to your vehicle as soon as it is possible to do so. Due to COVID we are unable to confirm delivery dates on any vehicle. Please be mindful of this when you make your booking and pay your deposit.