Engineering excellence

Since its launch in 2016 CJL Leisure Vehicles has quickly earned a reputation for the highest quality van conversions. Owner Cye Hayes was formerly Head of Design & Development at Bailey of Bristol, where his role was to bring engineering expertise used in other industries to the UK leisure vehicle sector. Transferring these skills to his own business, Cye now employs a range of mechanical, electrical and compliance engineers to ensure the CJL mark is consistent with nothing less than engineering excellence.

Highly functional and safe, a CJL van is engineered to Cye’s exacting standards and the CJL logo represents a mark of quality.

 Leading the campervan conversion industry

VW Qualified

Many claim it, but we have actually achieved it. We are a certified Motorhome Qualified converter of VW Commercial Vehicles. Our new vehicle warranty is three years, consistent with VW’s mechanical warranty,

Ford QVM Approved

We have attained Ford approval further increasing our ‘standards and safety’ portfolio. Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifiers ensures converters operate to exacting standards, offering the same guarantees and warranties.

TUV Approved

TUV is a German brand synonymous with quality and safety. Our TUV approval demonstrates our commitment to quality, safety and sustainability.

ISO9001 Compliant

We have achieved ISO9001 compliance. Our quality management system ensures that we are able to consistently produce products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Conformity of Production

Achieving Conformity of Production (CoP) evidences that we have proved the ability to produce a series of products that exactly match the specification, performance and marking requirements outlined in the type approval documentation. This ensures every vehicle produced attains the high standards we demand.

EWVTA Approved

European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EWVTA) is the approval and testing process used to ensure that motor vehicles intended to be placed on the market for consumers meet relevant environmental, safety and security standards.

NCC Approved Members

We adhere to British & European standards for the leisure industry and work in accordance with BS EN ISO. One of our team has worked advising the NCC (National Caravan Council) Technical Committee.

Insurer Recognised

CJL van conversions are recognised by a high street insurer. This can both simplify and speed the your motorhome insurance process, and ensure your cover is accurate and cost effective.

FCA Approved

We are Financial Conduct Authority-approved for your peace of mind. We work with several finance companies who can offer up to 10-years’ finance making van goals an achievable reality.

Investing in design

We use 3D CAD software – Solidworks – for all our campervan and bike van conversion layouts.

We invest heavily in engineering time and software
in-house as it allows us to:

Visualise layouts and demo to clients.

Achieve correct fitment of the furniture set (mm-perfect).

Check for function of equipment. (There’s a reason our fridges and cupboards open when beds are folded down).

What our clients say

Our knowledgeable team has worked in engineering and electrical installations with, at or for:

CJL Growth 2017-2018


Workshop Size

We’ve moved to bigger digs to accommodate our design studio, workshop & parts shop.


Team Numbers

We’ve grown our skilled team to maintain conversion expertise and fast turnaround.


Conversion Sectors

We’ve added MTB, road bike, triathlon, dog and multi-seat vehicles to our original leisure and trade conversions.