Quality Policy Statement


CJL Leisure provides leisure vehicle installations and solutions to the leisure industry. Our aim is to continually improve the service and products we provide to our customers and consistently meet/exceed their expectations.

CJL Leisure aims to achieve the above by implementing a quality management system that complies with the international standard of good practice BS EN ISO 9001. It also includes a commitment to meet the requirements and specifications of our customers, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. We will also strive to continually review and develop our quality management system using the Plan Do Check Act process. This ensures it remains effective.

Quality is the responsibility of all personnel within CJL Leisure. All personnel will continually question, assess and improve their working practices along with all other working practices and procedures they are exposed to within CJL Leisure. CJL Leisure is committed to providing appropriate training, facilities and equipment that will enable personnel to achieve the standards required.

CJL Leisure understands that its commitment to achieving its self-imposed high standards will not always be achieved. Therefore, should a customer complaint arise CJL Leisure will conduct an investigation into the issues contained within the complaint. CJL Leisure will do everything possible to achieve a satisfactory conclusion regarding all justified complaints.

The policy, organisation and procedures necessary to achieve the required standards are described in our Quality Management System (QMS). GEN-STD-Q-KA-0015 – Quality management system map clearly details the areas of the business covered by the QMS. It breaks all areas into their integral parts and shows who is responsible for them. For each integral part there are processes that are detailed by procedures and in turn documentation which records and collates the results of the procedures.

All management is responsible for monitoring the quality system. Reports are regularly presented to top tier management on the system’s implementation, status and effectiveness for decisions to be made regarding its evolution.

The objectives of CJL Leisure are set out in GEN-STD-Q-LA-0008 – Quality objectives log.

Objectives for individual jobs are to carry out all work to the satisfaction of the customer and in accordance with the specification as initially agreed with the customer.