The checklist that might save your life.

One of the CJL team – who previously worked as a representative on the NCC Technical Committee (National Caravan Council) – has put together a safety checklist to consider when looking at any van conversion. If the van you’re considering isn’t compliant then there’s only one option – walk away. Likewise, if the van conversion company you’re visiting can’t answer the below questions easily or fobs you off with ‘fudged’ answers or head scratching, walk away.

The safety of you and your loved ones in your van is paramount and shouldn’t be left to chance.

Gas Safety
Is the gas cylinder kept in a securely fixed, non-flammable (metal) box?
Is the gas box sealed to prevent any leaks into the rest of the van?
Does the gas box have a drop vent in the bottom to let any leaking gas escape downwards out of the box?
If there are any joints in the solid gas pipework, is there a suitable vent in the floor below the joint?
Is the solid gas pipe earthed?

Are there sufficient floor vents to allow the correct level of ventilation?
Is there an operational smoke detector fitted within the van?

Electrical Safety
Has the electrical installation been designed and installed by competent people who know the current regulations?
Are the fuses for the 12v system and the breaker for the 240v system (if applicable) easily accessible?

Gas Hob
Is there sufficient clearance directly above the gas hob to not cause a fire risk?
Are there any flammable materials within 200mm of the gas hob flame?
Can any part of any curtains or blinds come within 300mm of the gas hob flame?

Does any additionally installed seating for use when travelling have seatbelts fitted?
If it is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) seating has it been installed following the manufacturer’s specification and parts?
If the seating is after market, has it successfully passed an in-vehicle pull test to meet ECE Regulation 14? (A standalone pull test of just the seat and seatbelts (not in a vehicle) does not test the mechanical attachment of the seating to the van structure.)